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Steve is available for in-person and virtual school visits. If interested, please email

Here are some prior speaking event testimonials:

“Steve Schafer delivered a talk at our high school that students still mention regularly. His affability and good humor engaged and inspired students, especially those who consider themselves writers and know how real the struggle is. High school audiences are demanding, but Steve easily commanded the attention of nearly two hundred students through a mixture of personal anecdote and hard-earned wisdom. The least interested students were constantly entertained, and the most interested students were meaningfully inspired.”

Chris GardnerHays High School, TX

“My students loved speaking with Steve about his book The Border, the creative process, and the issues facing our country today. While Steve's talk was engaging, the best part of his visit was that he stayed after class to answer all the questions that my more curious students didn't have a chance to ask. Thanks, Steve, for giving my students a peek into the world of a writer and for letting them know that their stories matter!”

Erik NelsonCristo Rey Philadelphia High School, PA

“Steve Schafer visited Texas State University to read from and speak about his new book. Afterward, a panel discussion of scholars in immigration and Latino culture provided insights about the book and the criminalization of immigrants. Mr. Schafer's reading and review of the novel provided profound insight and empathy for the challenges faced by immigrant refugees, particularly coming from Mexico. Furthermore, the ensuing conversation was a powerful discussion of the vulnerability and marginalization of refugees in the United States.”

Dr. Mark TrahanTexas State University

“The students thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Schafer's presentation about his book, The Border. The background information and personal experiences provided by Mr. Schafer to the students were invaluable in understanding the story. The content is timely as many current events are immigration related and students are engaged in the topic. He was very professional in his presentation and was eager to interact with high school students. I would highly recommended having him for a school visit.”

Dr. Lisa RuffWissahickon High School, PA

“It’s not everyday that students are able to meet and engage with artists who are writing about experiences they may have encountered. I had an opportunity to bring Steve in to chat with a group of bilingual students who were working on a personal narrative writing and performance workshop. During Steve’s time with the students, he engaged them with two simple questions: why artists write and how to begin writing and telling a story. Many of the students who were shy spoke up and asked questions and what we discovered very quickly was that we had many writers in the room wanting to connect with Steve and write their stories. The conversations that day continued in subsequent lessons.”

Joshua CampbellHedgpeth Williams Middle School, NJ

“THANK YOU to Steve for taking time out of his schedule to talk to us! The students had a wonderful time! It means so much to me and my students.It was certainly a highlight of our year!”

Carrie GriemeIllinois School for the Deaf, IL

“Thank you to Steve! I think it was a great experience for them to see that authors are "real" people and how writing a book and getting it published aren't as easy as it might seem!”

Michelle BongersMadison Middle School, WI